Bridgette L.

Submitted 03/10/19

I was experiencing horrible bouts of BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional VERTIGO. The spinning sensation, dizziness, lose my balance and on occasion actually fall down. It was agonizing. Dr. Knop assured me he could help and after just two visits I have not had one reoccurring episode. He's Amazing. He knew exactly what he was doing and made me feel GOOD AS NEW !

Kelsey G.

Submitted 11/06/18

Friendly staff and great experience! Extensive pain relief options and I’m already feeling better after my first visit. I’m glad to have found so many helpful options locally!

Jill Y.

Submitted 10/29/18

Dr. Knop and staff are doing an excellent job working on my shoulder. Thank You

Kitrenda M.

Submitted 10/14/18

Dr. Knop is fantastic!!! He is the ONLY person that can crack my back properly. It is important for me to trust my doctor and I trust him 100%. The office is always clean and the staff are friendly. But seriously, Dr. Knop is the reason I have come for 20 years. He is patient and knowledgeable. More than that, he cares about his patients and their overall well being. He's second only to God, in my book.

Dave L.

Submitted 10/04/18

I have been coming to Beneficial Health since the early 2000. The people at Beneficial Health have always treated my family and myself as if we were their only patient. I believe that they have done the best job keeping my health up. I will not see any other Chiropractor.

Mandi B.

Submitted 09/14/18

My lower back pain was getting so bad I had to sit down every ten minutes. I also had a headache and clogged ear for 40 days. No matter what medication I used and a visit to the ear, nose and throat specialist nothing changed it. ONE visit to Dr Knop and poof my ear drained and my headache went from a 10 to a 2. The trigger injections after 1 set made me feel 20 years younger. The adjustments put the pep back in my step. I feel amazing. After 2 visits, back pain and severe tightness GONE, Ear pressure and pain GONE, headache GONE, neck pain GONE. I cannot wait to stay pain free with this clinic. Professional and super friendly staff and doctors. Very affordable too!

Kriste B.

Submitted 08/17/18

What a great chiropractor. Dr Knop has helped me immensely! The staff is dynamic!

Charles S.

Submitted 08/17/18

Straightforward and to the point. You can tell that Dr. Knop can pinpoint an exact issue and start to fix the issue quickly.

Laura E.

Submitted 08/09/18

Very friendly staff and Dr. Knop is attentive and helpful with my pain management.

Alicia K.

Submitted 07/31/18

Very friendly and welcoming!

Shamira P.

Submitted 06/20/18

I came to Dr. Knop after a MVA and had awful neck and back pains, as well as headaches and lack of sleep. He’s the first chiropractor I’ve gone to and I am so glad I did. I began to feel a difference after the initial appointment. Also, the staff is amazing. They’re so helpful and genuinely kind. I recommend them to anyone I run into who is looking for a chiropractor. Couldn’t be happier with this office!

Kitty M.

Submitted 06/20/18

Staff was super friendly. Dr Knop reassured me he can help me. I’m grateful.

Trent G.

Submitted 05/09/18


Gladys M.

Submitted 05/08/18

Very friendly staff and always on top of things.

Jen L.

Submitted 05/04/18

A friend referred me to Dr. Knop for neck and leg pain as well as headaches. It was the best decision. After my first session, I saw improvement and learned what was causing the pain. Super friendly staff. Dr. Knop is knowledgeable and explains treatment thoroughly.

Jan C.

Submitted 05/02/18

I have been going to Dr.Knop for about 4 treatments now! I already have more movement in my left knee & less pain in my back & neck. Oh did I mention that he has also helped with my restless leg syndrome 🙂 I can't wait to see how I am in a couple of months. Dr. Knop is a great upbeat, friendly doctor. He's a great listening doctor. He listens intently then answers all of your questions.His office is relaxing and clean. I can't say enough about the office girls, either,they are friendly & helpful. My sister-in-law recommended that I see Dr. Knop. I'm glad I did! I am recommending Dr. Knop to you now.You won't regret it!

James F.

Submitted 05/02/18

I've been going there for several years and have always been greeted with smiles and courtesy. The treatments for me have been spot on and wish I had started going there years before. I've recommended his office to many and have most of my family going here.

Lori H.

Submitted 04/09/18

Dr. Knop and his staff are amazing! About 6 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain with it going down my leg and could not walk upright. My previous chiropractor told me it was “bad gut health.” Dr. Knop said we could certainly work on my gut health but quickly assured me that the pain I was having was not due to poor gut health but instead that my sciatic nerve was pinched. For my particular situation there was no quick fix but with frequent visits Dr. Knop has me on the road to recovery. The pain is no longer down my leg and I’m able to go about my normal daily routine. I trust Dr. Knop and his staff and I’m so thankful to him for his knowledge of how to get me out of pain. My husband and two girls see him as well. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Mary S.

Submitted 03/15/18

With chronic back, knee and neck issues, i trust nobody but Dr. Knop and his staff. My entire family go to him and have for almost 20 years.

Dave J.

Submitted 03/01/18


Jeff E.

Submitted 02/20/18

when i first came in I was in severe pain . with a couple ribs in my back out. It took awhile but with in a month i was doing much better . And now its history keep coming back just to keep evreything working well. Thanks Doc.

Jeff E.

Submitted 02/20/18

I was able to schedule a same day appointment for my initial visit. The office seems to operate efficiently. Dr. Knop and his team do care about the patient's overall health. I was reassured several times that they're there for me. I am looking forward to my treatment plan. Give Beneficial Health a chance!

Mich30717308013046ala L.

Submitted 10/09/17

I love how knowledgeable everyone was. Everyone was extremely professional and kind. Doctor Knop was professional and knowledgeable, wanting the best care for me. I will definitely continue care with him