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Hello From the Beneficial Health Medical Center Team!

This month we are running a new patient special on Facebook. By submitting your information and calling to immediately schedule an appointment, you’ll receive a consultation, exam and report of findings for the special price of $47 ($215 Value!)

  • Consultation: Get a one on one consult with the doctor and go over your specific problems and the areas you are experiencing pain and having problems with that are effecting your daily living.
  • Examination: You will receive a thorough evaluation for conditions discussed in the consultation including neurological, orthopedic and a physical functional examination.
    (x-rays are not included in the special)
  • Doctor's Report of Findings: The Doctor will go over the findings at this point and talk with you about what options are available for the care of your condition and the best way to move forward to get you out of pain and back to the things in your life your missing out on.
  • Your First Day Of Care: Once this has all been discussed and together with the doctor, you will decide the best path to move forward and at that time the first day of treatment will be included. 

We've helped people with a variety of symptoms such as: 

  • Pinched Nerve/Spinal Disc.
  • Sciatica/Leg Pain
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Recurring Back Pain
  • Pregnancy-related Back Pain
  • Foot/Ankle/Elbow Pain
  • Neck & Back Pain
  •  Shoulder & Knee Pain
  •  Car Accident Injury
  • ... and much more!

Dr. Knop

Beneficial Health Medical Center provides chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and medical care to patients in the Akron-Hartville-Canton, Ohio area. The Beneficial Health Medical Center team provides treatment for headaches and migraines, care for low back pain and sciatica, trigger point and joint injections, massage therapy and physical therapy techniques, and much more to help patients heal and feel their best.

The Beneficial Health Medical Center team takes great pride in providing the best in wellness care to their patients.

While patients may come to Beneficial Health Medical Center in an injured or unhealthy state, Dr. William Knop and the entire Beneficial Health Medical Center team will work together to help each patient heal and thrive. Treatments are natural and focus on non-invasive and minimally invasive healing techniques as much as possible.

 Beneficial Health Medical Center has been in business for  over 20 years and has served thousands of Ohioans!  Check our some of our hundred plus

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